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Psychotherapy fosters trust in who you are, embraces
what you need, and builds confidence in your capabilities.

Let's empower your True Self.

About Jenn Zhang

Hi, I’m Jenn! I’m a psychotherapist with an MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University.

Currently, but not exclusively, I work with many children of immigrants, Asian-American, or AAPI-identifying clients around discovering their authentic selves, establishing effective communication strategies, and navigating their intersectionality of identities under the cultural and societal contexts that are specific to this population.


As a daughter of immigrant parents, I understand the nuances of growing up in two very different cultures and how expectations and boundaries inherently clash. This can lead to confusion, fear, and self-doubt in things that may feel trivial to others. So often, our inner critic holds us back. Growing up it helped you succeed, but as an adult it now becomes paralyzing. I help clients gain awareness of why this is happening and how to better separate from their inner critic in order to live a more anxiety-free life.

I believe that the past is always showing up in the present. The more we can bring conscious awareness to this and notice how this manifests, the more capable we become to move forward and grow. If any of this resonates with you, let's schedule a free consultation to see how we can work together!


I am a trauma-informed and LGBTQ+ affirming therapist combining Psychodynamic, Narrative, Internal Family Systems, and EMDR modalities. I see myself as a collaborative partner where trust and rapport are the foundation of our therapeutic relationship. Through this, we can better process experiences with a more compassionate outlook.

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Individual Therapy

45 minute sessions

Specialty Focus Areas:

  • Navigating self-doubt

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Challenging "I'm not good enough"

  • Improving your relationship with fear and shame

  • Celebrating the process vs. the outcome

  • Empowering your ability to have culturally appropriate autonomy 

  • Feeling comfortable with confrontation 

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EMDR Therapy

45 - 60 minute sessions

Eye Movement Desensitazation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is different than talk therapy, having an emphasis on reducing the power of traumatic memories. This is a structured approach that can help alleviate the distress of negative memories and facilitate reprocessing in a safe and controlled space. Over time, your emotions connected to these memories should lower in intensity and cause less pain in the present.

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Couples Therapy

45 minute sessions

Couples therapy is about identifying the unique dance between two partners that may be creating patterns of resentment, distrust, lack of intimacy, and fear. Using skills such as mirroring and validating language, couples can create a space where each person feels truly seen and heard by their partner. In creating newfound emotional intimacy, communication, trust, and appreciation can improve.


Career + Interview Coaching

I spent 8 years in the Tech industry as an in-house recruiter and 2 years as a job search and interview coach.


I have expertise in resume writing & formatting, mock interviews, and job search strategies. We can discuss your anxieties about the job search and interview process and come up with strategies to help you get where you want to be in your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does starting therapy with you look like?
    We would start with a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your therapeutic goals and what you are looking for in a therapist. I want to ensure that I'm able to provide the support you need and that you feel comfortable with me. Next would be a 45 minute session covering your background and history. Then we would move towards a weekly or bi-weekly cadence of sessions (your choice!) to begin psychotherapy. All sessions are conducted via Zoom.
  • Are you accepting new clients?
    I have a certain amount openings for both insurance and out-of-network/private pay clients. Openings come and go at different times, so do not hesitate to reach out! I will respond within 24 hours and let you know if I have openings or add you to my waitlist.
  • How do out-of-network benefits work?
    Some insurance plans cover out-of-network benefits and you can receive substantial reimbursement for treatment once you reach your deductible. You should contact your insurance provider to see what your out-of-network coverage for mental health services is (they will ask for a billing/CPT code which is 90834), how much of your deductible you have remaining, and the amount that they will reimburse for sessions. If you choose to use out-of-network benefits, I will send you a signed invoice for our sessions (referred to as a "superbill") to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. My rate for out-of-network sessions range from $175 - $250.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    To avoid any charges, all cancellations or requests to reschedule must be made no later than 24 hours before your confirmed appointment time. As long as you email me, I will time stamp the request when you send the email, not when I open it.
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